The Transportation Unit Project. I’m making small runs of hand built in California Skateboards. Small, like between 6 and 20 decks or so at a time. Hopefully a different shape each time. Each board has a hand painted background and a hand cut stencil sprayed on top. The tops of the boards each have an individual # and hand brushed character on them. I’m selling these for $75.00 each + $10. shipping and handling. This shape is a run of 20. Each one is a little different color wise, The Shape is basically 9″ wide by 33″ long. Email if you’d like to buy one.

One thought on “T.U.P. The Transportation Unit Project

  1. Hey Dude! I think your artwork is so rad and would love to get my hands on one of these custom planks. I’m a Canadian and i just bought 2 Transportation Unit boards from Skate Warehouse and they Rip Hard. I am just wondering if i could get one of these shipped to me in Canada? Thanks for your time and keep up the amazing work.


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