Haven’t posted in forever. Been making some stuff for a show in Portland in October. Also working on stuff for a solo show at the Art Center in San Luis Obispo, CA in March. Oh and have a show in February in SF with Jay Howell, Chris Yormick, Mike Myers and Chris Johansen at Needles and Pens (should be a rad one). Also Mitch at Captains Helm has some new fins coming (one with some of my awful art on it) any day. Just got back from The Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational nose riding contest in VA BCH. I didn’t really shoot any photos while there so I stole some shots from Mitch. One with the whole crew we went out with at the airport and one of Tanner Prarie. Tanner rips. Al Knost killed it JJ Wessel is subtle as hell. Sweetness. Troy and Tyler ripped too. Robby Keagle was one with the solar system and did rip. Also, new website coming….

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